Summer school season is over

Cajal Course: Interacting with Neural Circuits

This summer Emanuele went to the Cajal Summer Course “Interacting with Neural Circuits” in the wonderful Lisbon as a student. There, he learned principles of in vivo all-optical interrogation experiments in larval zebrafish (thanks to 3i and Bruker systems) and extracellular recordings of neural population activity using Neuropixels in mice.

Imaging the structure and function of the nervous system @ CSHL

This summer, Ruben and Hagar joined the Imaging Course in Cold Spring Harbor as an Instructor and a TA. Together with a group of wonderful instructors, TAs and students, we built microscopes and experimented with advanced imaging techniques such as light-sheet microscopy, multi-photon microscopy and spatial light modulation. We already cannot wait for the next fun and fruitful meeting!

TENSS 2022

“It is always a pleasure to support Adam, Florin and Raul visit the Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School in Romania in June. It is very inspiring to see what can be done with ingenuity, boundless energy, real expertise and open-source materials”.


Summer school season is over
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