The lab attends the FENS Forum in Berlin

The whole lab attended the FENS Forum, the largest European neuroscience conference. We presented:

Sensory evidence is integrated over broad timescales across distributed brain regions

Elena Dragomir, Vilim Štih and Ruben Portugues

Hindbrain activity dynamics during optokinetic behavior in larval zebrafish

Claudia Feierstein, Michelle de Goeij, Ruben Portugues, Christian K. Machens and Michael B. Orger (collaboration with the lab of Michael Orger at the Champalimaud Center)

Constructing behaviorally-relevant central brain representations from naturalistic motion computation in the retina

Tugce Yildizoglu, Clemens Riegler, James Fitzgerald and Ruben Portugues

Sensory and Motor Representations in the Inferior Olive

Daniil A. Markov, Rita Felix, Andreas M. Kist, Megan R. Carey, Ruben Portugues and Michael B. Orger

Activation of cerebellar Purkinje cells delays motor initiation in larval zebrafish

Andreas Kist and Ruben Portugues

Motor context shapes output from Purkinje cell functional regions to establish cerebellar internal models

Laura Knogler, Andreas Kist and Ruben Portugues

Stytra: an open source, integrated system for stimulation, tracking and virtual reality experiments

Vilim Štih, Luigi Petrucco and Ruben Portugues