The lab at SFN 2018

Laura, Tugce, Daniil and Elena were in San Diego in November to participate at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience meeting. Recent research in the lab was presented with a talk and four posters.

Laura gave a talk as part of the Nanosymposium: Cerebellum: Local and Long-Range Functions and shared the updates on the project "Motor context shapes output from Purkinje cell functional regions to establish cerebellar internal models" (in collaboration with Andreas).

Elena, Daniil and Tugce had quite busy poster sessions and discussions presenting the projects:

Temporal integration of sensory evidence revealed by wholebrain imaging
Elena Dragomir, Vilim Štih and Ruben Portugues

Constructing behaviorally-relevant central brain representations from naturalistic motion computation in the retina
Tugce Yildizoglu, Clemens Riegler, James Fitzgerald and Ruben Portugues

Sensory and Motor Representations in the Inferior Olive
Daniil A. Markov, Rita Felix, Michael B. Orger and Ruben Portugues

Also, Siju Kunhi Purayil from Ilona Grunwald Kadow's Lab, who is collaborating with Vilim on the project Value-coding of Dopamine Neurons in Olfactory Processing presented the work with a poster.