Summer schools in 2018

Laura was a teaching assistant at the Cold Spring Harbor Course on Imaging Structure & Function in the Nervous System working with instructors Michael Orger (Champalimaud Foundation, Portugual), Lucy Palmer (Florey Institutute, University of Melbourne, Australia) and Florin Albeanu (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, USA) to help guide a group of 15 graduate students and postdocs through the fundamentals of optics and microscopy. A big part of the course was hands-on practical experience, from building scanning confocal systems in the optic bench workshop led by Phil Tsai, to imaging point-spread functions, to team two-photon microscope building from ThorLabs parts in under twelve hours, to trying out the latest in holographic optogenetics, acousto-optical devices, and SCAPE imaging. Rounded by out by some early morning swimming and late-night scientific discussions over beer, this was truly an unforgettable experience!

Virginia attended the Advanced Course in Behaviour and Neural Systems at the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, Lisbon and Vilim the Brains, Minds and Machines Summer Course in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.